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Partial Board Agreements:
A lease is a great way to ease into horse ownership especially for someone new to horses and we help you along the way!

· We have several horses that make great partners for any one wanting to learn about horsemanship whether young or old

· At least two lessons required to properly match you with the right horse and to ensure both you and our horses have fun safely 

· Flexible schedules with little limitations on riding availability

· Liability and/or Helmet Waiver required

· Riding ability and horse sense will be evaluated before any agreement is signed

· Horses are only to be used on HHH premises for light recreational riding or as youth development horses (4H, Scouting, therapy, etc.)

· Partial Board Agreement includes the use of HHH tack, equipment and facilities

· HHH  retains ownership and takes care of normal care expenses, boarder is responsible for incidental expenses for the horse and equipment

· Click here for partial board agreement



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