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Text Box: We currently have a litter of pups born on 7/3/17 now ready to go home!

All pups are well socialized, very friendly and healthy.  $600 includes vet certificate, first set of shots and $50 rebate after spay/neuter
Text Box: Chubby is obviously the biggest boy of the litter and very much reminds us of his older brother Tank -- very friendly and very good at slipping out the gate with us! Agouti M w/green eyes. 
SOLD— Ashley has a new running partner!
Text Box: Sissy is the only female of the litter, she is also the smallest, but holds her own against her big brothers and definitely a cuddler. Agouti w/ green eyes. 
Text Box: Sassy is just that-- 
he loves to sass at you when playing in the puppy pen-- Agouti Male with green eyes 
Text Box: Blaze always greets you with a wagging tail and has a blaze of white on his face so we can tell him apart from his brother Itchy. B/W M with green eyes. 
SOLD — Hope Chinook is a good partner for Miguel!
Text Box: Itchy’s new family came to the puppy yard ready to take home Sissy but Itchy picked this little guy out and they both seem pretty happy!
Text Box: Polaris (fka Blue) went home with one of our scouting families in the Chicago area and he looks pretty happy with his new big brother Sirius!

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We provide quality pups for your home or the trail.  Our breeding program reflects the friendly temperament and beauty of the Siberian Husky.  Our pups are well cared for, we spend time with our puppies and never send them home before eight weeks so they are well socialized. 


We insist on promoting responsible ownership by making sure prospective owners know the good and bad traits of the breed.  The puppies are adorable and the dogs are gorgeous but before you take any Husky home please make sure it is the right breed for you and your familyclick here for more information

All our pups go home with their first set of shots, a vet check up and a rebate that the new owners will receive after the pup is spayed/neutered.  All new owners must sign an alteration agreement to take a pup home unless otherwise arranged.


We have a living pedigree for your pup!  Not only do we have both parents in our kennels but we also have 3-4 generations back as well as adult siblings for many of our pups for clients to compare traits and personalities of the blood line on their pups.   Our understanding of canine behavior can assist in team development and helps in placing rescue huskies.




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